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  1. Meow.
    Please? Its hard for me not to do it. I am better now. I really want to be unbanned. If you unban me I promise you would not be disappointed.
    I have learned. I have been using the edit button more. Please, Meow. A year is to long. What do you want in extange for my account? Please.
  2. When did I send a you an ultimatum I do not even know what one is. If I am good next year can you unban? Please. OK isn't looked it up, it's kinda true. If I like all your YouTube videos wouldn't you unban me? Oh, I have an idea, how about I do that and you give me 5 days on there to prove myself? If I am mature enough to stay I stay, if not then I won't. Please?!
  3. Wow, sending me an ultimatum. Yeah, that makes me SOOOOO much more inclined to listen to you.

    Also, prepare to be banned/blocked wherever you try and contact me or anyone else who's fed up with you. I'm not the only one who considers you a waste of time. Take a hint and get lost.
  4. You ready to unban me yet?
    I will be nicer now the later.
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