• Bugglebots 2018

    Bugglebots 2018 - Hosted at the University of West England.
    Competition format:

    5 heats of 6 robots. Initial 3 1v1s from which the winner goes through whilst losers have to fight a redemption melee to qualify. Straight knockout till Heat winner is declared, with 2nd place going into a redemption melee.

    In the final, all 2nd place robots fight for the final position, and then format repeats with the 6 robots in the final.

    -Heat 1-

    Serious Business vs Captain Doom (Winner)
    Good Boi vs Nightingale (Winner)
    Drizzle vs Futamishi (Winner)

    Serious Business vs Good Boi vs Drizzle (Winner)

    Captain Doom (Winner) vs Futamishi
    Nightingale vs Drizzle (Winner)

    Captain Doom (Winner) vs Drizzle

    Event video: https://youtu.be/EyLI9RBkhUQ

    -Heat 2-

    Snappy (Winner) vs Mini Spinny
    OMG! vs Bourbon (Winner)
    Limpet (Winner) vs Hard Knox

    Mini Spinny (Winner) vs OMG! vs Hard Knox

    Snappy (Winner) vs Bourbon
    Limpet (Winner) vs Mini Spinny

    Limpet (Winner) vs Snappy

    Event video: https://youtu.be/GPmFViItaEg

    -Heat 3-

    WeeWoo (Winner) vs Dr. Thwackenstein
    Maximum Ogredrive (Winner) vs Rev 2
    Snippers Mcgee vs Flick (Winner)

    Dr. Thwackenstein vs Rev 2 (Winner) vs Snippers Mcgee

    WeeWoo vs Maximum Ogredrive (Winner)
    Flick vs Rev 2 (Winner)

    Maximum Ogredrive vs Rev 2 (Winner)

    Event video: https://youtu.be/t9JMivLHSYk

    -Heat 4-

    SCD (Winner) vs Apex BW
    The Berg vs Big Wedge Energy (Winner)
    Claws 2 (Winner) vs Léim

    Apex BW (Winner) vs The Berg vs Léim

    SCD (Winner) vs Big Wedge Energy
    Claws 2 (Winner) vs Apex BW

    SCD (Winner) vs Claws 2

    Event video: https://youtu.be/EzJvcrFoddw

    -Heat 5-

    Saw Loser (Winner) vs Sir Lance-a-Frog
    Zero Gravitas (Winner) vs Anxt
    K2 (Winner) vs Pinwheel

    Sir Lance-a-Frog vs Anxt (Winner) vs Pinwheel

    Saw Loser (Winner) vs Zero Gravitas
    K2 (Winner) vs Anxt

    Saw Loser vs K2 (Winner)

    Event video: https://youtu.be/CV2_5cUmX0Q

    Redemption melee

    Drizzle vs Snappy (Winner) vs Maximum Ogredrive vs Claws 2 vs Saw Loser


    Captain Doom (Winner) vs K2
    SCD vs Limpet (Winner)
    Rev 2 vs Snappy (Winner)

    K2 (Winner) vs SCD vs Rev 2

    Captain Doom vs Limpet (Winner)
    Snappy vs K2 (Winner)

    Limpet vs K2 (Winner)

    Event video: https://youtu.be/GmgL0IBFb-YQ


    Bugglebots 2018 Champion: K2
    Dung Beetle: Sir Lance-a-Frog
    Best Newcomer: Claws 2
    Best Driver: Maximum Ogredrive
    Best Design: Saw Loser
    Sportsmanship: Flick