• University of West England - Bristol Bot Brawl 2019

    Beetle Bot Brawl 2019 - Hosted at the University of West England

    Competition Format:

    First round melee from which 1 robot goes through. Losers go into a redemption 1v1 to meet the melee winners in a straight knockout tournament.

    First Round Melees:

    Zero Gravitas 1.758 (Winner) vs Dreadbin vs End Boss
    WeeWoo (Winner) vs Sosig vs Drizzle
    W I D 3 B O I (Winner) vs Maximum Ogredrive vs Nemo
    Futamishi vs ApexBW2 vs Ion (Winner)
    Sir Lance-a-Frog (Winner) vs Attitude Adjuster vs Koffin
    Crabsolutely Clawful vs Swag Demon (Winner) vs Phoenix
    Slap ‘n’ Dash vs Bourbon vs R.P.M (Winner)
    Let’s Dance! (Winner) vs Gear Down For What?? vs Suijin
    Puns & Roses vs S.C.I. vs K2 (Winner)
    Catalyst (Winner) vs Concrete Donkey vs Procrastination
    Incomplete Control (Winner) vs Bar-K-O vs Let The Good Times Roll
    8bit Castle (SUBOT) vs Rev 3 vs Tempus (Winner)
    Dwayne Nibley vs Brutal Barbra and Hardcore Henry vs Centrifuge (Winner)
    Hard Knox vs Nat20 vs Daedalus (Winner)
    Rest in Pieces (Winner) vs Saw Loser vs Bunny
    Pushy McPushface vs Zero (Winner) vs 2 Berg 2 Furious

    Redemption Rounds:

    Dreadbin (Winner) vs Drizzle
    Sosig (Winner) vs End Boss
    Maximum Ogredrive (Winner) vs Futamishi
    Nemo (Winner) vs ApexBW2
    Attitude Adjuster vs Crabsoloutely Clawful
    Koffin vs Phoenix (Winner)
    Slap ‘n’ Dash vs Gear down for what? (Winner)
    Bourbon (Winner) vs Puns & Roses
    Suijin vs S.C.I. (Winner)
    Concrete Donkey vs Bar-K-O (Winner)
    Procrastination vs Let the good times roll (Winner)
    8BIT Castle (Winner) vs Rev 3
    Dwayne Nibley (Winner) vs Hard Knox
    Brutal Barbra and Hardcore Henry (Winner) vs Nat20
    Saw Loser (Winner) vs Pushy McPushface
    Bunny (Winner) vs 2 Berg 2 Furious

    Round of 32:

    Zero Gravitas 1.758 (Winner) vs Bunny
    WeeWoo vs Saw Loser (Winner)
    W I D 3 B O I (Winner) vs Brutal Barbra and Hardcore Henry
    Ion (Winner) vs Dwayne Nibley
    Sir Lance-a-Frog (Winner) vs 8bit Castle
    Swag Demon (Winner) vs Let The Good Times Roll
    R.P.M vs Bar-K-O (Winner)
    Let’s Dance! vs S.C.I. (Winner)
    K2 (Winner) vs Bourbon
    Catalyst (Winner) vs Gear Down For What??
    Incomplete Control vs Phoenix
    Tempus (Winner) vs Crabsolutely Clawful
    Centrifuge (Winner) vs Nemo
    Daedlus (Winner) vs Maximum Ogredrive
    Rest in Pieces vs SOSIG (Winner)
    Zero (Winner) vs Dreadbin

    Round of 16:

    Zero Gravitas 1.758 vs Saw Loser (Winner)
    W I D 3 B O I vs Ion (Winner)
    Sir Lance-a-Frog (Winner) vs Swag Demon
    Bar-K-O vs S.C.I. (Winner)
    K2 (Winner) vs Catalyst
    Phoenix (Winner) vs Tempus
    Centrifuge vs Daedalus (Winner)
    SOSIG (Winner) vs Zero

    Round of 8:

    Saw Loser (Winner) vs Ion
    Sir Lance-A-Frog vs S.C.I. (Winner)
    K2 vs Phoenix (Winner)
    Daedalus (Winner) vs Sosig

    Semi Finals:

    Saw Loser (Winner) vs S.C.I.
    Phoenix vs Daedalus (Winner)


    Saw Loser vs Daedalus (Winner)

    Full tournament video available at https://youtu.be/PSieLl18hog
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    FW- Crash Course

    awesome, yeah you read correct, just wasn't sure if its 2 pieces of wire soldered at each connection or if it was done differently.

    BCartz 23rd November 2020, 20:22 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    It is soldered through if I am understanding you correctly, at each end.

    In the photo I posted on page 3, the fuse is before

    Ocracoke 23rd November 2020, 19:44 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    Bought my fuse and maxi holder today, got a 70amp fuse as well to try. with lockdown restrictions possibly easing soon hopefully i can meet my dad and

    BCartz 23rd November 2020, 19:31 Go to last post

    Drill driver gearbox assemblies for sale soon.

    Are they older style where the motor mounts to a faceplate and then the faceplate is screwed to the gearbox housing?

    Looks like it but just

    RogueTwoRobots 23rd November 2020, 14:17 Go to last post

    Parts for sale

    Been having a clear out in the shed so looking to shift some spare parts if anyone is interested.

    2x 160mm dia aluminium wheels with sprockets-

    teamshock 22nd November 2020, 21:24 Go to last post

    Drill driver gearbox assemblies for sale soon.

    Hi all, I’m in the final stages of importing large quantity of drill driver gearboxes and Rs550 12v motors.
    Im just calculating costs of the

    Roboteernat 22nd November 2020, 11:44 Go to last post

    Grimlock Middleweight

    Looking good there Chris, can't wait to meet it in the arena!

    Ocracoke 20th November 2020, 20:21 Go to last post

    Grimlock Middleweight

    Spent wayyyyyy...... Too long getting the drive axles straight and chain nice and not jumping off (like with LT) glad to see lessons have been learnt.

    cjsowry 20th November 2020, 19:49 Go to last post