• Fighting Robots Association Middleweight Championship 2018

    Fighting Robots Association Middleweight Championship 2018
    Hosted by Extreme Robots


    Competition Format: Robots compete in multiple melees. Robots with the best results over these melees go through to a knockout final.


    Gaston vs Smash vs Sentinel vs Backflip
    Crackers vs Audacious vs Voodoo vs Kaizen

    Crackers vs Smash vs Audacious vs Sentinel
    Gaston vs Voodoo vs Backflip vs Kaizen

    Heat Rankings:

    1 - Smash (2x wins)
    2 - Crackers (1x win, 1x 2nd)
    3 - Gaston (1x win, 1x 2nd)
    4 - Backflip (1x 2nd)
    5 - Voodoo (1x 2nd)
    6 - Kaizen
    7 - Audacious
    8 - Sentinel

    Semi Finals:

    Smash (Winner) vs Backflip
    Crackers (Winner) vs Gaston

    3rd Place Playoff:

    Gaston (Winner) vs Backflip

    Grand Final:

    Smash (Winner) vs Crackers

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    FW- Crash Course

    The motor wires aren't polarity sensitive, there's no positive or negative motor wire. Just hook them up to the motor and if it spins the wrong way, flip

    RogueTwoRobots Today, 18:27 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    I think the general deal with ESCs is the labelled + and - are for the battery to plug in (as they have to be in the right polarity - i.e., if you wire

    McMullet Today, 18:21 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    I would say the M1 and M2 wires are the motor wires then. It is logical to say that blue, in that arrangement, is positive.

    Ocracoke Today, 18:17 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    yeah the m1 m2 is where the black and blue wire is, the escs never came with instructions or diagram.

    hope to have the chassis

    BCartz Today, 17:56 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    You are correct about the grey wires being the aerials for the receiver. The blue wire on the ESC I think is the motor + wire, though worth checking a

    Ocracoke Today, 16:59 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    just because the receiver has 2 grey wires on the top but plastic tops so guessing they are Ariel, also guessing on the escs the blue wire is the positive

    BCartz Today, 15:13 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    Usually yes. There are some that don't supply voltage to the receiver but they are relatively few and far between in my experience.

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 22:50 Go to last post

    Drill driver gearbox assemblies for sale soon.

    Oh yeah, never rely on it being solid in the past as the screw mounts can crack/split/shear etc but it's nice just to be able to sit a motor/gearbox down

    RogueTwoRobots Yesterday, 13:25 Go to last post