• Fighting Robots Association Beetleweight Championships 2018

      Fighting Robots Association Beetleweight Championship 2018
      Hosted by Kinematic Events
      Competition Format:

      Heats: 3 way melees from which 1 goes through. Losers go into melees from which 2 go through.

      Second Round: 3 way melees, from which 1 goes through.

      Straight knockout till Finals

      RPM (Winner) vs I2 vs Rev 3
      Catalyst (Winner) vs Big Drive Energy vs Ankle Biter 2
      Limpet XS 1 (Winner) vs K2 vs TN3PP
      Puns&Roses (Winner) vs Rattler vs 7th Circle
      Attitude Adjuster (Winner) vs Shu!
      Drizzle (Winner) vs Royal Fail
      Chops 2 IT! (Winner) vs SCD vs Deadpan
      The Berg (Winner) vs Bourbon vs Similar Flipping Idea
      Gutter Rat (Winner) vs Ascension vs The Dervish
      Spinza (Winner) vs Volta
      Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs Sir Lance-a-Frog vs Dr. Thawkenstein
      X-301 (Winner) vs Overdrive 11

      Losers melees
      Rattler (Winner) vs Rev 3 (Winner) vs Big Drive Energy vs K2
      I2 (Winner) vs Ankle Biter 2 (Winner) vs Shu!
      Royal Fail (Winner) vs TN3PP (Winner) vs 7th Circle
      Deadpan (Winner) vs Bourbon (Winner)
      Sir Lance-a-Frog (Winner) vs Similar Flipping Idea (Winner) vs SCD vs Overdrive 11

      Second round
      Royal Fail (Winner) vs Puns&Roses vs TN3PP
      Catalyst (Winner) vs RPM vs Ankle Biter 2
      Limpet XS 1 (Winner) vs Rattler
      Drizzle (Winner) vs Attitude Adjuster vs I2
      Spinza (Winner) vs Gutter Rat vs The Dervish
      X-301 (Winner) Sir Lance-a-Frog vs Bourbon
      Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs The Berg vs Chops 2
      Deadpan (Winner) vs Similar Flipping Idea

      Quarter Finals
      Royal Fail (Winner) vs Catalyst
      Limpet XS 1 (Winner) vs Drizzle
      X-301 (Winner) vs Spinza
      Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs Deadpan

      Royal Fail (Winner) vs Limpet XS 1
      X-301 (Winner) vs Limpet XS 2

      3rd place playoff
      Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs Limpet XS 1

      X-301 (Winner) vs Royal Fail

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      Project Squirrel

      So 12mm sounds good to me, and I'm think of using the silver steel. I'm a bit of a dipstick and I looked back at one of my previous posts/questions about

      Outlaw Yesterday, 16:58 Go to last post
      Mr Manuva27

      Robodojo 2022/2023

      Well, first things first.

      I am delighted to say that I'm officially a member of the Robodojo committee and an officer for the featherweight

      Mr Manuva27 Yesterday, 11:49 Go to last post

      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      Extreme Robots Portsmouth 2022

      So for this year, I am no longer running solo as I've got a friend, Dan, on board with the wholer roboteering

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      Project Squirrel

      Jibril 1.6, the final incarnation of that version, used a 12mm steel shaft for the first stage and a 10mm titanium shaft for the second stage. For a MW,

      Ocracoke Yesterday, 10:52 Go to last post

      Project Squirrel

      Quick question (apologies for the continuous amount of them), what would be the recommended diameter for the shaft, from previous experiences if you have

      Outlaw 22nd May 2022, 23:22 Go to last post

      Project Squirrel

      Right, I get it now, thank you so much. I'll get to adding everything up and go from there. Many thanks!

      Outlaw 19th May 2022, 17:19 Go to last post

      Project Squirrel

      Each stage is a multiplier. 8:1 x 8:1 = 64:1 so you'd want say a 2:1 on the first stage and then a 4:1 on the second.

      Ocracoke 19th May 2022, 16:58 Go to last post

      Project Squirrel

      I apologize for all the questions, my math is absolutely atrocious, but would this mean that in order for me to get an 8:1 ratio, it'd basically be a

      Outlaw 19th May 2022, 16:49 Go to last post