• Fighting Robots Association Beetleweight Championships 2018

    Fighting Robots Association Beetleweight Championship 2018
    Hosted by Kinematic Events

    Competition Format:

    Heats: 3 way melees from which 1 goes through. Losers go into melees from which 2 go through.

    Second Round: 3 way melees, from which 1 goes through.

    Straight knockout till Finals

    RPM (Winner) vs I2 vs Rev 3
    Catalyst (Winner) vs Big Drive Energy vs Ankle Biter 2
    Limpet XS 1 (Winner) vs K2 vs TN3PP
    Puns&Roses (Winner) vs Rattler vs 7th Circle
    Attitude Adjuster (Winner) vs Shu!
    Drizzle (Winner) vs Royal Fail
    Chops 2 IT! (Winner) vs SCD vs Deadpan
    The Berg (Winner) vs Bourbon vs Similar Flipping Idea
    Gutter Rat (Winner) vs Ascension vs The Dervish
    Spinza (Winner) vs Volta
    Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs Sir Lance-a-Frog vs Dr. Thawkenstein
    X-301 (Winner) vs Overdrive 11

    Losers melees
    Rattler (Winner) vs Rev 3 (Winner) vs Big Drive Energy vs K2
    I2 (Winner) vs Ankle Biter 2 (Winner) vs Shu!
    Royal Fail (Winner) vs TN3PP (Winner) vs 7th Circle
    Deadpan (Winner) vs Bourbon (Winner)
    Sir Lance-a-Frog (Winner) vs Similar Flipping Idea (Winner) vs SCD vs Overdrive 11

    Second round
    Royal Fail (Winner) vs Puns&Roses vs TN3PP
    Catalyst (Winner) vs RPM vs Ankle Biter 2
    Limpet XS 1 (Winner) vs Rattler
    Drizzle (Winner) vs Attitude Adjuster vs I2
    Spinza (Winner) vs Gutter Rat vs The Dervish
    X-301 (Winner) Sir Lance-a-Frog vs Bourbon
    Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs The Berg vs Chops 2
    Deadpan (Winner) vs Similar Flipping Idea

    Quarter Finals
    Royal Fail (Winner) vs Catalyst
    Limpet XS 1 (Winner) vs Drizzle
    X-301 (Winner) vs Spinza
    Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs Deadpan

    Royal Fail (Winner) vs Limpet XS 1
    X-301 (Winner) vs Limpet XS 2

    3rd place playoff
    Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs Limpet XS 1

    X-301 (Winner) vs Royal Fail

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    Team Kaizen Build Diary

    RL Grantham 2019
    A personal opinion first - if you are new to the whole fighting robotics scene (and by new, I mean first ever event), I do recommend

    Ocracoke Today, 11:41 Go to last post

    A Basic Guide on How to Work with HDPE

    Sorry for delay in reply. HDPE is really good for press fitting like you said, especially if the holes are undersized. For Léim Thart, I needed to press

    Shooty Today, 09:47 Go to last post

    Argos drill motor mounts and other mounts.

    I ordered 4 sets of these mounts, from order to delivery, just a few days. Thank you Roboteernat.

    I have to say they do their job really

    LookingToBuild Today, 00:08 Go to last post
    Flag Captured

    Esc clearout and other stuff

    various bits of robot

    offers on these, ideally would prefer to bring to Robonerd than post because postage will need to be covered and

    Flag Captured 22nd June 2019, 14:27 Go to last post
    Team Gremlin

    WormGear heavy weight robot

    Wer selling WormGear to finance another new build, a little dinged up from the battle with aftershock but still runs fine.

    It will only

    Team Gremlin 20th June 2019, 21:34 Go to last post

    Go Ugly Early (FW)

    Thanks. I've lost the ability to self right at the moment, but I have some ideas to solve that.

    Wkdintent 20th June 2019, 14:09 Go to last post

    Go Ugly Early (FW)

    Thats come on nicely from seeing it last year! i love how neat the actuator sits inside the bot at full lift too! nicely thought of.

    Roboteernat 20th June 2019, 10:43 Go to last post

    Go Ugly Early (FW)

    Thanks. My colour choice was driven by the team Polo shirts I hurriedly made for Cheltenham last year.
    The primer underneath is red oxide paint,

    Wkdintent 19th June 2019, 21:14 Go to last post