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    FW- Crash Course

    Hey there, welcome to the forum!

    In addition to the aforementioned threaded inserts and barrel nuts, L shaped brackets I find

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    FW- Crash Course

    its a linear actuator lifter bot, tools will probably be bog standard tools like power drills and saws as have no electrical or mechanical history. it

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    FW- Crash Course

    hi and welcome, i got 2 questions and 2 suggestions and some advice ,

    1 what type of robot are you planning to make? 2 What tools do you

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    FW- Crash Course

    cheers, would i need nuts for these or are the just more secure screws? robodojo whilst i plan to do in the future is a bit of a travel as from kent

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    sean retro

    FW- Crash Course

    Welcome, these insert nuts works well with HDPE.
    Also depending on

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    FW- Crash Course

    So after years of watching robot wars and live events, and a global pandemic, ive decided to build my first ever bot using the hayes manual as a guide.

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    THomas weatherley

    BotFest 4 (25th April 2020)

    I was there for robodojo antweight and beetleweight minimeet and honestly it was really well done only one person opening and closing the doors for the

    THomas weatherley Yesterday, 16:24 Go to last post
    team death

    BotFest 4 (25th April 2020)

    Hi Lucy
    In my view Robodojo was very professional regarding social distancing and the competitors were sensible-the

    only close encounters

    team death 7th August 2020, 17:31 Go to last post