• TX-108

    * Weight: 100kg
    * Height: 25cm
    * Length: 60cm
    * Width: 70cm
    * Speed: 12mph
    * Year built: 2001
    * Status: Retired
    * Weight class: Heavyweight
    * Location: Bristol, England
    2 x Electric motors powering its 2-wheel drive
    Wedge-shaped with a Vertical crushing arm powered by hydraulics used for crushing, pinning, piercing and clamping.
    Has very strong armour and is very compact.
    Slow at self-righting
    Team Danby
    Craig Danby and Chris Danby
    TX-108 is a heavyweight robot which was built by the Danby family from Bristol. It was built in 2001 where it fought in a Wild Card battle in Robot Wars Extreme 1 and beat Hypno-Disc, unfortunately due to the battle being so quick and not very exciting the producers didn't air it. It attempted to qualify for Robot Wars Series 5 the same year but failed losing to S3. It then tried again for Series 6 the next year but failed again losing to Reptirron the Second. TX-108 then tried again for the Seventh series the next year but failed again after losing its battle against 8645T and Mighty Mouse. TX-108 is one of the oldest robots that has been around that hasn't qualified for the show but has made appearances at events. It is now retired but the team fight with an improved version called TX-109.