• 4x4

      * Weight: 100kg
      * Height: 25cm
      * Length: 85cm
      * Width: 75cm
      * Speed: 10mph
      * Year built: 2002
      * Status: Active
      * Weight class: Heavyweight
      * Location: Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland
      Shell made of steel and aluminium.
      2 x Electric motors running on 750 watts powering its 4-wheel drive.
      Pushing power with front-mounted scoop to assist shunting.
      Can run either way up.
      Exposed wheels.
      Team Monad
      Benny Karstel and Andrew Karstel
      4x4 is an Irish heavyweight robot that was built by Team Monad from Dublin. It was the second robot to be built after their robot Monad which was beaten in the first round of its heat in the Fifth UK Series of Robot Wars, the first version of 4x4 had a clamp that could crush with 6 tonnes on the pressure and also had a cloth for snagging Hypno-discs disc in their only fight against it. For live events post Robot Wars, 4x4 was rebuilt to its current spec as a rambot and has only fought in the teams local events held by Robots of Destruction.