• Robots Live European Heavyweight Championships 2013

      The European Heavyweight Championships hosted by Robots Live! at Norwich 7th to 8th September 2013

      Competitors (Countries)
      Air (UK)
      Alien Destructor (Netherlands)
      Beast (UK)
      Behemoth (UK)
      Big Nipper (UK)
      Bulldog Breed (UK)
      Bullfrog (Netherlands)
      Cherub (UK)
      Dantomkia (UK)
      DTK (UK)
      Dystopia (UK)
      Eruption (UK)
      Faux (Netherlands)
      Gravity 5.3 (Netherlands)
      Iron-Awe 5 (UK)
      Iron-Awe 7 (UK)
      Kronic (UK)
      Luzifer (Germany)
      Maelstrom (UK)
      Manta (UK)
      Meggamouse (UK)
      Ripper (UK)
      Saint (UK)
      Storm 2 (UK)
      Tanto (UK)
      Terrorhurtz (UK)
      Tiberius (UK)
      TillyEwe 3 (UK)
      Titan (UK)
      Tomahawk (Belgium)
      Toon Raider (UK)
      Tough As Nails (Netherlands)
      Toxic 2 (UK)
      TR2 (UK)
      Turbulence (UK)
      Weird mAlice (UK)

      There was 12 seeded robots for the competition all were seeded due to performance ratings from previous events.

      1. Big Nipper (UK)
      2. Iron-Awe 5 (UK)
      3. Eruption (UK)
      4. Terrorhurtz (UK)
      5. Ripper (UK)
      6. Turbulence (UK)
      7. Kronic UK)
      8. Storm 2 (UK)
      9. Behemoth (UK)
      10. Tough As Nails (NL)
      11. Maelstrom (UK)
      12. Toxic 2 (UK)

      Competition format
      The 36 robots that signed up were split into 12 heats of 3 robots. The winners of each heat went through to the finals where the 12 heat winners fought in a knockout competition to determine the 2013 European Champion.

      Winners names are in bold

      Heat A
      Big Nipper (UK) Vs Alien Destructor (NL)
      NOTE: Faux was meant to be in the fight but withdrew

      Heat B
      Iron-Awe 5 (UK) Vs Tomahawk (Belgium) Vs Bulldog Breed (UK)

      Heat C
      Eruption (UK) Vs Gravity (NL) Vs TillyEwe 3 (UK)

      Heat D
      Terrorhurtz (UK) Vs Dantomkia (UK) Vs Toon Raider (UK)

      Heat E
      Ripper (UK) Vs Bullfrog (NL) Vs Manta (UK)

      Heat F
      Turbulence (UK) Vs Titan (UK) Vs Luzifer (Germany)

      Heat G
      Kronic (UK) Vs Weird mAlice (UK) Vs Beast (UK)

      Heat H
      Storm 2 (UK) Vs Cherub (UK) Vs Air (UK)

      Heat I
      Behemoth (UK) Vs Meggamouse (UK) Vs Iron-Awe 7 (UK)

      Heat J
      Tough As Nails (NL) Vs DTK (UK) Vs TR2 (UK)

      Heat K
      Maelstrom (UK) Vs Dystopia (UK) Vs Tanto (UK)

      Heat L
      Toxic 2 (UK) Vs Saint (UK) Vs Tiberius (UK)

      Round 1
      Big Nipper (UK) Vs Iron-Awe 5 (UK)
      Eruption (UK) Vs Terrorhurtz (UK)
      Manta (UK) Vs Titan (UK)
      Kronic (UK) Vs Storm 2 (UK)
      Meggamouse (UK) Vs TR2 (UK)
      Maelstrom (UK) Vs Toxic 2 (UK)

      Eruption (UK) Vs Iron-Awe 5 (UK)
      Kronic (UK) Vs Manta (UK)
      Meggamouse (UK) Vs Toxic 2 (UK)

      Loser's Melee
      Iron-Awe 5 (UK) Vs Kronic (UK) Vs Meggamouse (UK)

      Toxic 2 (UK) Vs Meggamouse (UK)
      Eruption (UK) Vs Manta (UK)

      Toxic 2 (UK) Vs Manta (UK)

      2013 European Heavyweight Championship Winner: Toxic 2 (UK)
      Second Place: Manta (UK)
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      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      It wasn't the fact that I didn't win, it was more a case of the robots underperforming. I have no problem (usually :P) with losing if the fight is good.

      Ocracoke Today, 18:00 Go to last post
      team death

      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      Ouch ! 6 out of 6 losses Lucy after all that preparation I dot blame you for been upset, of course

      winning is not everything, well

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      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      Jibril and Azriel - Robots Live! Crawley 2021
      It was great seeing everyone again after so long. Turned up at the event a little later than I wanted

      Ocracoke Today, 14:41 Go to last post
      team death

      Post battle analysis and repair

      Thanks Nat I will see which method is best tomorrow and hope to get every Bot done.

      team death 16th October 2021, 20:50 Go to last post

      Post battle analysis and repair

      If you can still unscrew the gearbox frim the motor half, you can remove the gears and thread the holes from the inside of the gearbox to then put the

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      team death

      Post battle analysis and repair

      After my latest Robodojo excursive I have decided to address my Achilles heal on all my Robots-

      namely the slipping clutches, yes I never

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      Ogrekill BW vert

      Hi all,

      Decided I have too many robots so I need to sell a couple off, first to go is my Beetleweight vert Ogrekill.

      Specs are

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      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      Haha, thanks Sam. I hope to have something up after Robots Live in Crawley, still waiting on the BotFest video as well.

      Both Jibril and Azriel

      Ocracoke 15th October 2021, 11:49 Go to last post