• Fighting Robots Association Heavyweight Championships 2010

    The 2010 Heavyweight Championships hosted by Roaming Robots and Robots Live!

    Toon Raider
    Big Nipper
    Cabrakan 2
    Iron-Awe 5
    Iron-Awe 6
    Ripper Evo
    St Hammer
    Tilly 2 Evo
    Weird mAlice
    White Knight

    There was 9 seeded robots for the competition, all seeded in the place that they finished the previous year in the 2009 Championships.

    1. Maelstrom
    2. Big Nipper
    3. Ripper Evo
    4. Meggamouse
    5. And His Army
    6. Tilly 2 Evo
    7. Iron-Awe 5
    8. Thor
    9. Beast

    Competition format
    There was 7 qualifier rounds that happened throughout the UK. The 25 robots all fought in competition battles to earn points for a place in the semi-finals at the end of the year where the top 10 would go through to the semi-finals and fight in a knockout competition from then on until the UK Champion 2010 was found in the finals at the end of the year at Maidstone.

    Winners names are in bold

    Round 1 - Barnsley 13th/14th February
    Beast Vs St Hammer
    Dantomkia Vs Iron-Awe 5
    Tilly 2 Evo Vs Tiberius Vs Merlin
    Cabrakan 2 Vs Meggamouse
    Apocalypse Vs Hydra Vs Ripper Evo
    Anger Vs Big Nipper Vs Scorpion
    Maelstrom Vs Tanto

    Round 2 - Whitwick 27th/28th February
    Maelstrom Vs White Knight
    Big Nipper Vs St Hammer
    Anger Vs Ripper Evo Vs Tanto
    Meggamouse Vs Hydra
    And His Army Vs Apocalypse
    Cabrakan 2 Vs Tilly 2 Evo Vs Weird mAlice
    Puck Vs Iron-Awe 5 Vs Tiberius
    Merlin Vs Thor
    Beast Vs Iron-Awe 6 Vs Pressure

    Round 3 - Nottingham 28th March
    Beast Vs Dantomkia
    Cabrakan 2 Vs Thor Vs Tiberius
    Iron-Awe 6 Vs Maelstrom
    Iron-Awe 5 Vs Weird mAlice
    And His Army Vs Hydra
    Ripper Evo Vs Stinger

    Round 4 - Burgess-Hill 24th/25th April
    Maelstrom Vs Dantomkia Vs Cabrakan 2
    Ripper Evo Vs White Knight Vs Merlin
    Meggamouse Vs Stinger Vs Pressure
    Toon Raider Vs Anger
    Tilly 2 Evo Vs Hydra Vs St Hammer
    Iron-Awe 5 Vs Tanto
    Thor Vs Weird mAlice Vs Scorpion

    Round 5 - Brentwood 2nd May
    Dantomkia Vs Big Nipper
    Iron-Awe 5 Vs Hydra
    Toon Raider Vs Stinger
    Beast Vs Weird mAlice Vs Tanto
    Tilly 2 Evo Vs Pressure
    Tiberius Vs Scorpion
    Ripper Evo Vs Iron-Awe 6 Vs Cabrakan 2

    Round 6 - Norwich 22nd/23rd May
    Maelstrom Vs St Hammer
    Ripper Evo Vs Scorpion
    Meggamouse Vs Iron-Awe 6 Vs Apocalypse
    Toon Raider Vs Cabrakan 2
    Tilly 2 Evo Vs Stinger
    Iron-Awe 5 Vs Merlin
    Thor Vs Pressure

    Round 7 - Guildford 13th June
    Iron-Awe 6 Vs Scorpion Vs Toon Raider
    Beast Vs Hydra
    Iron-Awe 5 Vs Stinger
    Apocalypse Vs Tilly 2 Evo
    St Hammer Vs Thor Vs Weird mAlice

    Semi-finals - Portsmouth 3rd October
    Round 1
    Iron-Awe 5 Vs Toon Raider
    Ripper Evo Vs Big Nipper
    Iron-Awe 6 Vs Meggamouse
    Thor Vs Tilly 2 Evo

    Loser's melee
    Toon Raider Vs Big Nipper Vs Iron-Awe 6 Vs Thor

    Finals - Maidstone 7th November
    Extra qualifier
    Beast Vs Maelstrom

    Tilly 2 Evo Vs Iron-Awe 6
    Meggamouse Vs Iron-Awe 5
    Ripper Evo Vs Maelstrom

    Loser's melee
    Tilly 2 Evo Vs Meggamouse Vs Ripper Evo

    Iron-Awe 6 Vs Ripper Evo
    Maelstrom Vs Iron-Awe 5

    3rd Place Play-off
    Iron-Awe 6 Vs Maelstrom

    Ripper Evo Vs Iron-Awe 5

    2010 Heavyweight Championship Winner: Iron-Awe 5
    Second Place: Ripper Evo
    Third Place: Iron-Awe 6