• Jormungandr


    * Weight: 100kg
    * Height: 25cm
    * Length: 100cm
    * Width: 80cm
    * Speed: Unknown
    * Year built: 2012
    * Status: Active
    * Weight class: Heavyweight
    * Location: Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England

    Hardox and Titanium
    2 x Bosch Motors running on 750 watts powering its 2-wheel drive.
    Pneumatically powered Flipper.
    Small, compact, strong and fast
    Vulnerable rear wheels.
    Team Dragon
    Tony Booth
    Jormungandr was originally built by Rob Englebright the driver of the Killer Carrot series. It was built as KK3, but due to Rob Englebright being too busy, it was sold to Tony Booth of Team Dragon who renamed it to Jormangandr and is trying to restore it to fighting condition. It hasn't fought in live events yet but once went on display at the Welsh Comic Con along with other robots like Wheely Big Cheese, The Mule, The Stag & Edge Hog.