• Cassius 2


    * Weight: 81.3kg
    * Height: 33cm
    * Length: 120cm
    * Width: 87cm
    * Speed: 25mph
    * Year built: 1999
    * Status: Retired
    * Weight class: Heavyweight
    * Location: Stowmarket, Suffolk, England
    Polycarbonate and Honeycombed Aluminium.
    2 x Lawnmower motors providing power for its 2-wheel drive.
    Front-mounted Front-hinge flipper and rear 3/4 metre long pneumatic spike.
    Is very fast and has an awesome combination of weapons.
    Weak armour and a high ground clearance.
    Team Cassius
    Rex Garrod
    Cassius 2 is the successor robot to Rex Garrods robot Cassius that took part in Robot Wars Series 2. It was built in 1999 for Series 3 of Robot Wars where despite being the firm favourite, lost in the second round to Pussycat due to it reversing in the pit. Cassius 2 was like its predecessor only it had a wider flipper and the addition of a rear spike that was said to help Cassius jump out the pit, but couldn't use it properly on its one occasion. Cassius 2 is retired from combat but is often seen on display with Cassius 1 & 3, Chaos 2, Stinger & Steel Avenger at the Robot Rumble events and it is often considered a favourite amongst some robot wars fans.