• X-Terminator

    Weight: 100kg
    Height: 70cm
    Length: 111cm
    Width: 82cm
    Speed: 18mph
    Year built: 1999
    Status: Active
    Weight class: Heavyweight
    Location: Dorking, Surrey, England

    Shell made of Aluminium
    2 x 24v Electric motors powering its 4-wheel drive. One powering each side.
    Pneumatic Axe supplemented by a scoop bucket to assist with trapping opponents.
    Has a very powerful axe and is fast.
    Has steering problems and a high ground clearance.
    Team X-Terminator
    Marlon Pritchard, Simon Baldwin, Paul Lewis, Michael Davies
    X-Terminator was originally built by Marlon Pritchard from Hereford in 1999. The first version was built for the UK 3rd Series of Robot Wars where it reached its heat final losing to Panic Attack. It was rebuilt again for Series 4 where it reached the semi-finals beating Behemoth in its heat final before losing to Wild Thing. It was then rebuilt to the current incarnation for Series 5 and 6 where it lost in the second round to Corkscrew and the heat final to Firestorm respectively. At the end of 2002, this version was sold on Ebay due to Marlon building a new version which had a spinning disc which reached the grand-final losing to Typhoon 2. X-Terminator's weapon is a very powerful pneumatic axe which is capable of scewering even the toughest of robot shells and is a robot to avoid if you don't want to be X-Terminated!

    • Robot Wars - UK Series 4 Semi-Finalist (2000)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 4, Equal 2nd in Sumo Basho Competition with Behemoth (2000)
    • Robot Wars Extreme 2 - Tag Team Terror Semi-Finalist with Mini Morg (2002)
    • Robot Wars - 4th in UK Series 7 (2003)
    • Robot Crusade 2004 Winner