• Wolverine

    Weight: 98kg
    Height: 33cm
    Length: 114cm
    Width: 71cm
    Speed: Unknown
    Year built: 2001
    Status: Retired
    Weight class: Heavyweight
    Location: Swanley, Kent, England

    2 x Electric motors powering its 2 wheel drive.
    Front lifter plough, powered by pneumatics to scoop opponents. Also has a top-mounted srimech.
    Has a very durable shell.
    Lacks any real destructive weaponry.
    Team Lancaster Bombers
    Gareth Dean
    Wolverine was the first machine built by Gareth Dean from Kent. The first version of this machine was built for the fourth series of the UK Robot Wars in 2000 but pulled out due to technical problems. The second version was built the following year where it managed to qualify for Series 5 but lost to Wheely Big Cheese in the first round of its heat. Wolverine also participated in Technogames under the name of Wolf where it finished as runner-up in the assault course to Bugs Buggy (Hydra in disguise). Wolverine has nowadays been retired from combat, but Gareth Dean still fights with Spitfire.