• Vader

    Weight: 96kg
    Height: 60cm
    Length: 102cm
    Width: 92cm
    Speed: 8mph
    Year built: 2002
    Status: Retired
    Weight class: Heavyweight
    Location: Colchester, Essex, England

    Aluminium and 12mm Polycarbonate with stainless steel skirts.
    2 x Electric motors running on 800 watts powering its two-wheel drive.
    10kg Vertically mounted disc that spins at 850rpm which is also interchangeable for a scoop for charity events. Rear end is also wedge-shaped to aid with shunting.
    Has a very fast spinning disc and is easy to control.
    Has no self-righting mechanism.
    Team Vader
    Paul Rose, Simon Latham, Phillip Calthorpe and Anton Grounds.
    Vader is a heavyweight robot that was built by Team Vader from Essex, it was the first robot to be built by the team. Vader was first built in 2002 where it qualified for the UK Sixth series of Robot Wars where it reached its heat final losing to Wild Thing on a judges decision. It came back for Series 7 but it was beaten by M2 in the first round of its heat after it was flipped out the arena. Vader was armed with a very powerful spinning disc that was powerful enough to send opponents to make a mess of robots that got in its way. Team Vader also competed in Robot Wars Series 7 with IG-88 which was similar in design only that it had a rotating axe.