• Leveller 2

    Weight: 95kg
    Height: 41cm
    Length: 85cm
    Width: 62cm
    Speed: 10mph
    Year built: 2007
    Status: Active
    Weight class: Heavyweight
    Location: Hereford, Herefordshire, England

    Aluminium, steel & polycarbonate
    2 x motors running on 800 watts.
    Flipper powered by low pressure CO2.
    Is fast and also has a strong shell.
    Has low impact weaponry.
    Team BallistiX
    Allan Davies, James Davies & Theo Davies
    Leveller 2 Mk4.5 was originally built as Leveller 2 for Robot Wars and was originally built by David McLachlan from Buxton, Derbyshire. It fought in Robot Wars series 7 where it got to round 2 and was beaten by top seed Tornado. After Robot Wars, Leveller 2 was upgraded and fought in a lot of the live events including the Tag-Team competition in the 2006 UK Championships where it finished as runners-up with Alien Destructor. In 2007, David McLachlan decided to sell Leveller 2 and sold it to Allan Davies. After being upgraded a lot of times, Leveller 2 was renamed twice as Leveller 2 Mk4 and then Leveller 2 Mk4.5 in 2014.

    • Fighting Robots Tag Team 2006 Runners-up with Alien Destructor