• Delldog

    Weight: 98kg
    Height: 26cm
    Length: 83cm
    Width: 83cm
    Speed: 11mph
    Year built: 2002
    Status: Retired
    Weight class: Heavyweight
    Location: Homburg, Saarland, Germany

    Shell made of Steel and Aluminium
    2 x Bosch Motors running on 750 watts powering its 4-wheel drive. One powering each side.
    25kg Flywheel rim with spikes that can spin at a top speed at 1000rpm.
    Has the ability to run either way up.
    Has low traction and is vulnerable when weapon is not spinning.
    Team Delldog
    Stephan Duhl, Thomas Dietz & Sussane Kreibelbauer
    Delldog is a German heavyweight robot that was built by Stephan Duhl from Saarland. It was first built in 2002 for the German Robot Wars where it lost the first round of its heat due to the robot having technical issues with its weapon but made the second round of the UK Vs Germany special at the end of the series where it was beaten by Das Gepack. Delldog was designed as a robot that was a full body spinner that could also run inverted.

    • Robot Wars - UK Series 6/German Robot Wars UK Vs Germany Special Semi-Finalist