• Bamm Bamm

      Weight: 100kg
      Height: 85cm
      Length: 78cm
      Width: 78cm
      Speed: 9mph
      Year built: 2001
      Status: Retired
      Weight class: Heavyweight
      Location: Haarlem, The Netherlands

      Aluminium and Polycarbonate.
      2 x Bosch motors powering its 4-wheel drive. One powering each side.
      Pneumatically powered axe mounted on a 360 degree rotating turret so it can strike opponents in all directions.
      Has a powerful axe weapon.
      Is a bit sluggish and vulnerable to flippers.
      Team Bamm Bamm
      Erik Cornelissen, Rien Groenenwegen and Con Taal
      Bamm Bamm is a Dutch heavyweight robot that was built in 2001 by Erik Cornelissen, Rien Groenenwegen and Con Taal. It was first entered into robot combat in the Dutch Series of Robot Wars where in Series 1 it beat Lizzard in its Heat final before losing to them after meeting again in the Grand-final. In Series 2, it came back where despite losing the first round was given a Wild card into the Grand-final where it lost to Philipper 2. It also entered the UK Seventh Wars where it was beaten in the first round of its heat by Firestorm 5. Bamm Bamm was named after the cartoon character from the Flintstones and had the destructive nature of it to match with its axe which could attack in any direction.

      • Robot Wars - Dutch Series 1 Semi-Finalist (2001)
      • Robot Wars - Dutch Series 2 Semi-Finalist (2002)