• Armardrillo

      * Weight: 95kg
      * Height: 20cm
      * Length: 106cm
      * Width: 86cm
      * Speed: 5mph
      * Year built: 2002
      * Status: Retired
      * Weight class: Heavyweight
      * Location: Sheerness, Kent, England

      Checker-plate Aluminium
      24v Electric motor powering its 2-wheel drive.
      Twin front cutting blades and rear 12' ramming spike.
      Is durable, strong and has multiple weaponry.
      Armour isn't resilient to heavy blows and can also be flipped to easily.
      Team Armadrillo
      Mick Stock, Glen Doherty & Keith Jackson
      Armadrillo is a heavyweight robot that was built in 2002. It was built by Mick Stock from Sheerness. It competed in the Sixth Robot Wars UK Championships but was eliminated in the first round of its heat to S3. Armadrillo has a nice set of meaty blades at the front and a ramming spike at the rear giving Armadrillo a lot of taste for mayhem.