• Ansgar

    * Weight: 100kg
    * Height: 24cm
    * Length: 120cm
    * Width: 87cm
    * Speed: 16mph
    * Year built: 2003
    * Status: Retired
    * Weight class: Heavyweight
    * Location: Ahrienviol, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

    Steel and Aluminium
    2 x Electric motors
    4 x long ramming spikes, 2 at each end.
    Is invertable.
    Has large exposed wheels and has a high ground clearance.
    Team Thomsen
    Joachim Thomsen, Sascha Thomsen & Sunje Thomsen
    Ansgar 3 is a German heavyweight robot that was built in 2003 by the Thomsen family from Ahrienviol. The first versions of the machine fought in the International competitions of Robot Wars as did the 3rd. The first Ansgar took part in the Second World Championships where it was beaten by Manta. It was rebuilt again for the German Robot Wars as Ansgar's Revenge where it was eliminated in the first round of its heat. Ansgar 3 qualified for the 3rd World Championships held at the end of the UK Seventh series of Robot Wars where it lost in the first round to Storm 2. Ansgar 3 was originally built as a walker and had a spinning blade weighing 10kg, but for the live events (which the majority of which don't cater for those weapons), it was rebuilt to being wheeled and having ramming spikes.
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    Project Fear....My latest featherweight Robot is nearly ready for combat and will make it's debut at Robodojo with Piece de Resistance and Danger UXB

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    I wish there was some aid... it’s turned into a freak show where I need 3 thumbs, 6 fingers, the planets to align and to hold your tongue *just right*,

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