• And His Army

      * Weight: 98kg
      * Height: 40cm
      * Length: 110cm
      * Width: 90cm
      * Speed: 10mph
      * Year built: 2008
      * Status: Retired
      * Weight class: Heavyweight
      * Location: Gateshead, England

      Hardox shell
      2 x Bosch motors running on 750 watts powering each of its wheels.
      Front scoop for shunting opponents.
      Is small, strong, compact and has a lot of pushing power.
      Exposed wheels and has a high ground clearance.
      Team Toon Army
      Clive Brown, Wendy Brown and Alex Brown.
      And His Army was originally built in Farnham, Surrey by John Bell from Team Batter as Batterbot. It was built as a heavyweight version of the teams previous featherweight. After many events in 2008, it was sold to Team Toon Army from Gateshead who had also bought Batterbot from John Bell in 2007 and renamed it as Tiny Toon. And His Army has fought in three UK Championships where it lost in the qualifiers in 2008 to Tiberius and reached the finals in 2009 losing out to Terrorhurtz in the first round. In April 2010, it was decided by Team Toon Army that And His Army needed an upgrade and was rebuilt as Toon Raider.

      • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2009 Finalst