• Rules and Safety

      The FRA publishes a comprehensive set of documents for Roboteers and Event organisers to ensure safe, fair and enjoyable competition for everyone.

      Documents for Roboteers

      Build Rules - The cardinal rules for building Fighting Robots.
      Code of Conduct - The professional standards required by the FRA as a condition of membership.
      Competition Regulations - Rules for running and judging FRA competition.
      EMI Guidelines - Electro-Magnetic Interference in Robots and how to deal with it

      Documents for Event Organisers

      Technical Check Sheet - Technical Safety Checks required for competitors at all events.

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      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      The gears in the carrier themselves are fine, it is the actual axe motor gear that is slipping. I think what has happened is when I drilled the holes

      Ocracoke Yesterday, 23:37 Go to last post
      Team Helix

      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      Just make sure you keep the shafts of the gears solid/ fixed and you should have no issues

      Team Helix Yesterday, 22:06 Go to last post

      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      No worries Tom, I know you tried and thanks for that. One day, I will get Jibril working properly and we'll have to have a grudge match

      Ocracoke Yesterday, 17:56 Go to last post
      Team Helix

      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      Hi lucy, don't be down harted. You were super unlucky i kept trying to get you back over but as hard as i tied you always seem to end up upside down.

      Team Helix Yesterday, 17:11 Go to last post

      Ogrekill BW vert

      Hope it finds a home soon, would put in an offer myself but defo not experienced enough to run it.

      onewinged_joker Yesterday, 09:52 Go to last post

      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      It wasn't the fact that I didn't win, it was more a case of the robots underperforming. I have no problem (usually :P) with losing if the fight is good.

      Ocracoke 18th October 2021, 18:00 Go to last post
      team death

      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      Ouch ! 6 out of 6 losses Lucy after all that preparation I dot blame you for been upset, of course

      winning is not everything, well

      team death 18th October 2021, 17:02 Go to last post

      Team Kaizen Build Diary

      Jibril and Azriel - Robots Live! Crawley 2021
      It was great seeing everyone again after so long. Turned up at the event a little later than I wanted

      Ocracoke 18th October 2021, 14:41 Go to last post