The Fighting Robots Association is the governing body for robotic combat and competition. Featuring robots that have competed in Robot Wars, Battlebots, Technogames and others our members make up a strong community of roboteers dedicated to the sport.
    As a professional organisation established in 2003 we oversee the safety of the sport. In addition to maintaining rules for building, fighting and judging competition robotics we provide a community for our members including an online forum and website.


    Promotion and education of all things to do with robots, of all weights, shapes and sizes.
    To provide consistency with regard to open event safety, arenas and robot build rules.
    To centralise communications, in effect be a library of contacts and to promote the sport.
    To encourage the set up of regional meeting clubs, that are either part of the FRA or affiliated to the FRA.
    To endeavour to work with other countries associations for the betterment of our sport.
    To represent roboteer interests in negotiations with other bodies.
    To generally make the roboteers lot a better one.

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    FW- Crash Course

    Hey there, welcome to the forum!

    In addition to the aforementioned threaded inserts and barrel nuts, L shaped brackets I find

    Ocracoke Today, 23:27 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    its a linear actuator lifter bot, tools will probably be bog standard tools like power drills and saws as have no electrical or mechanical history. it

    BCartz Today, 18:44 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    hi and welcome, i got 2 questions and 2 suggestions and some advice ,

    1 what type of robot are you planning to make? 2 What tools do you

    Maxamuslead Today, 18:10 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    cheers, would i need nuts for these or are the just more secure screws? robodojo whilst i plan to do in the future is a bit of a travel as from kent

    BCartz Today, 17:30 Go to last post
    sean retro

    FW- Crash Course

    Welcome, these insert nuts works well with HDPE.
    Also depending on

    sean retro Today, 17:14 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    So after years of watching robot wars and live events, and a global pandemic, ive decided to build my first ever bot using the hayes manual as a guide.

    BCartz Today, 10:07 Go to last post
    THomas weatherley

    BotFest 4 (25th April 2020)

    I was there for robodojo antweight and beetleweight minimeet and honestly it was really well done only one person opening and closing the doors for the

    THomas weatherley Yesterday, 16:24 Go to last post
    team death

    BotFest 4 (25th April 2020)

    Hi Lucy
    In my view Robodojo was very professional regarding social distancing and the competitors were sensible-the

    only close encounters

    team death 7th August 2020, 17:31 Go to last post