• Judge Shred

    • Weight: 100kg
    • Height: 40cm
    • Length: 120cm
    • Width: 80cm
    • Speed: Unknown
    • Year built: 2004
    • Status: Retired
    • Weight class: Heavyweight
    • Location: Ellistown, Leicestershire, England

    Titanium shell
    2 x 750 watt Bosch motors. One powering each wheel.
    Pneumatic flipping arm powered by CO2
    Small, compact and strong
    Limited CO2 Supply for weapon
    Team Judge Shred
    Alan Blakeman, Paul Blakeman & Michael Blakeman
    Judge Shred was originally built by the Blakeman family from Leicestershire in 1999. The first version took part in Series 3 of Robot Wars where it lost the second round of its heat to X-Terminator, it came back for Series 4 but was beaten by Behemoth in the second round of its heat. Version 3 took part in Series 7 where it reached its heat final losing to Mute. This version is Judge Shred 4 which was built in 2004 to originally take part in the World Championships 2004 which were due to be held in Nottingham only to be cancelled. Judge Shred 4 has taken part a few events, usually the ones that are local to them only.