• Firestorm

    • Weight: 100kg
    • Height: 36cm
    • Length: 110cm
    • Width: 83cm
    • Speed: 12mph
    • Year built: 2003
    • Status: Retired
    • Weight class: Heavyweight
    • Location: Langley Moor, County Durham, England

    5mm Aluminium
    2 x Electric motors running on 3KW powering its two go-kart wheels.
    Pneumatically powered front-hinge flipper
    Excellent manoeuvrability combined with having a very effective flipper.
    Poor pushing power because its only a 2-wheel drive. Aluminium armour isn't also the most resiliant to heavy blows.
    Team Firestorm
    Graham Bone and Hazel Bone
    Firestorm 5 is a robot from Durham that is well known amongst the roboteering community and the robot fans. It is well known for taking part in Robot Wars since 1999. Firestorm never managed to win the UK Championships, but finished 3rd in Series 3,5 and 6, finished as semi-finalists in Series 4 and 7 and won the Commonwealth Carnage in Robot Wars Extreme 2 representing England. There have been 5 different versions of Firestorm built, the last was Firestorm 5 which just had upgraded pneumatics along with all the other upgrades the last ones had. Firestorm's a very manoeuvrable robot on its two wheels and cost £2000 to built, it also has a favourite tactic of flipping its opponent over so it is standing up leaning against the arena wall so that it couldn't self-right again which it achieved well in its career in Robot Wars against robots like Panic Attack and 13 Black, it also became the first UK heavyweight to topple Mr Psycho. Firestorm 5 is now retired, but the robot has been on display a few times at events.

    • Robot Wars - 3rd in UK Series 3 (1999)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 4 Semi-Finalist (2000)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 4, Equal 7th with Hypno-Disc in Pinball Tournament (2000)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 4, 15th in Sumo Basho Competition (2000)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 4, Tag Team special runners-up with Scorpion (2000)
    • Robot Wars Extreme 1 - All-Stars Tournament Semi-Finalist (2001)
    • Robot Wars - 3rd in UK Series 5 (2001)
    • Robot Wars - 3rd in UK Series 6 (2002)
    • Robot Wars Extreme 2 - All-Stars Tournament Runner-up (2002)
    • Robot Wars Extreme 2 - Commonwealth Carnage Champion (2002)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 7 Semi-Finalist (2003)
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