• Dominator 3

    • Weight: 100kg
    • Height: 60cm
    • Length: 130cm
    • Width: 80cm
    • Speed: 20mph
    • Year built: 2004
    • Status: Active
    • Weight class: Heavyweight
    • Location: Deal, Kent, England

    3.2mm Titanium shell and 12mm polycarbonate base
    2 x Motors running on 750 watts
    Pneumatic Axe
    Has a very powerful axe weapon combined with a strong shell.
    Can only make the weapon effective if opponent is directly in front.
    Team Dominator
    Elliot Smart, Paul Tolliday & Chris Hall
    Dominator 3 was built in 2004 as an upgraded version of Dominator 2 that fought in Robot Wars from Series 4-6. The team have done very well in events with their very powerful axe weapon which has damaged a lot of robots that have tangled with it, their robot also boasts a shell consisting of "plasma-nitride coated titanium" which was the same material used to jacket Russian nuclear submarines.
    (As Dominator)
    * Robot Wars - UK Series 3 Runner-up in Pinball competition (1999)
    (As Dominator 2)
    * Robot Wars - UK Series 4 Semi-Finalist (2000)
    * Robot Wars - UK Series 4 Runner-up in the Northern Annihilator (2000)
    * Robot Wars - UK Series 5 Semi-Finalist (2001)
    * Robot Wars - UK Series 6 Semi-Finalist (2002)
    * Robot Wars Extreme 2 - All-Stars Quarter-Finalist (2002)