• Crushtacean

    • Weight: 99kg
    • Height: 40cm
    • Length: 130cm
    • Width: 85cm
    • Speed: 12mph
    • Year built: 2001
    • Status: Active
    • Weight class: Heavyweight
    • Location: Altrincham, Cheshire, England

    12mm aerospace aluminium
    2 x Electric motors running 800 watts, powering its 4-wheel drive.
    Pair of steel crab pincers, each capable of crushing with a force of 300-500kg of pressure.
    Is invertable and has very strong armour.
    Vulnerable antenna.
    Team Crushtacean
    Ian Visser, Dominic Visser & Michaela Visser
    Crushtacean was built in 2001 by Ian Visser from Cheshire for Robot Wars. It was designed to resemble a robotic crab, it debuted in Series 5 where it did well reaching its heat final losing to Wheely Big Cheese, but not before beating favourites Behemoth on the way. It has also fought in the Dutch Robot Wars under the name of Krab-bot where it beat Twisted Metal Evo in its heat final before losing the first round of the Grand-Final to Philliper 2. Crushtacean has also represented South Africa in some international Robot Wars competitions due to the team originating from South Africa, with some good success. It reached the final finishing runner-up to Firestorm 4 in the Commonwealth Carnage in 2002 and reached the semi-finals of the 3rd World Championships at the end of Robot Wars series 7 losing to Supernova. Crushtacean is well known for its crushing pincers which use a method of wearing gloves to control them, they were designed so the operator wearing the gloves would make them shut by closing their fingers while wearing them. This unusual technology won Crushtacean the Most Original Entry award in Robot Wars Series 5.

    (As Crushtacean)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 6, Winner of Most Original Entry Award (2002)
    • Robot Wars Extreme 2 - Commonwealth Carnage Runner-up (2002)
    • Robot Wars - Third World Championships Semi-Finalist (2003)
    * Robot Wars - 3rd at Manchester 2016
    (As Krab-Bot)
    • Robot Wars - Dutch Series 2 Grand-Finalist (2002)