• Beta

      • Weight: 99.5kg
      • Height: Unknown
      • Length: 80cm
      • Width: 82cm
      • Speed: 8mph
      • Year built: 2002
      • Status: Retired
      • Weight class: Heavyweight
      • Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

      25mm Polycarbonate with stainless steel corners
      2 x 36v DC Motors running on 800 watts, each powering its stainless steel wheels. Also runs on 3Ah NiCad Battlepack batteries.
      11kg hammer powered by an electric motor. 400kg of down force also enables robot to act as a lifter.
      Has a very powerful hammer.
      Weapon chains to the motor are exposed.
      Team Hurtz
      John Reid & Nick Lynch
      Beta is a heavyweight robot that was built by Team Hurtz for the Battlebots competitions in the States to take the place of the teams previous robot Killerhurtz. However for its only battle, it forfeited a place due to it bringing the floor-boards up - it needed extra strong magnets to hold it to the floor due to keep it down due to the immense power of the hammer. Beta has made appearances at a few events on display and even once appeared at a BBQ where not even tent pegs holding it to the ground could stand up to its power. Beta has an immensely powerful hammer which had potential to cause serious damage. Recently, Beta was due to compete in Battlebots 2015 but had to pull out due to issues with the shipping of the teams important tools and spares. Beta did however make an appearance at the UK Championships 2015 at Stevenage where it fought in whiteboard fights only and in one of them, made a large mark in the floor with its hammer.
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      First ever real build lews featherweight

      I think its back to the drawing board! I need to reduce the height by 5-10 mm to let it drive inverted doh! Thats with about 18mm ground clearance on

      Supermotolew Yesterday, 18:38 Go to last post

      First ever real build lews featherweight

      Cheers Sam! Its been a learning curve!
      Today i test fitted a front armour peice, it could do with being 2 mm or so higher, i also 3d prinded a

      Supermotolew Yesterday, 10:30 Go to last post

      Beetle Chompalt

      After watching a few Bugglebots episodes on You Tube I think I may have to rethink my initial idea with somthing a bit more robust to able to stand up

      chompalot 27th November 2021, 22:53 Go to last post

      First ever real build lews featherweight

      Looks great Lew, really neat idea to prototype in MDF! Look forward to seeing how it shapes up.

      You just need a SRiMech for your camera!

      McMullet 27th November 2021, 16:22 Go to last post

      Beetle Chompalt

      I've spent a little time on the CAD system in between work, just to try and get a concept and here's what I have so far. A bit light on actual details

      chompalot 26th November 2021, 22:31 Go to last post

      Beetle Chompalt

      Thanks for the reply, but I don't fancy the fingertech wheels, so I'll continue my search. I did 3D print some wheels a few years ago and then cast some

      chompalot 26th November 2021, 21:09 Go to last post

      First ever real build lews featherweight

      Hey Lucy! Ive never actually seen a featherweight before so im kind of making it up as i go but its ablout 380mm wide 110mm high 400mm long. The wooden

      Supermotolew 26th November 2021, 19:30 Go to last post

      First ever real build lews featherweight

      Looks very compact, neat loooking (and upside down :P ) What is the overall dimensions of this going to be in the end do you reckon?

      Ocracoke 26th November 2021, 17:21 Go to last post