• Kan-Opener H Spec

    � Weight: 99kg
    � Height: 18cm
    � Length: 130cm
    � Width: 110cm
    � Speed: 25mph
    � Year built: 2010
    � Status: Active
    � Weight class: Heavyweight
    � Location: Vilvoorde, Brabant, Belgium

    4mm Titanium
    2 x 750 watt Bosch motors running on 24v, also runs on 3 Lithium ion 33v 420amp batteries.
    Hydraulic crushing jaws & battering ram. Jaws can crush with a force of 4 tonnes, rear end also houses a blade on the tail to inflict damage when ramming.
    Has a very powerful hydraulic system powering the weapon and has the ability to run inverted.
    Has a high ground clearance and is vulnerable to axe attacks.
    Team RCC
    Mario de Jongh, Leo van Miert, Babeth van Son, Niels Schotten & Rick Mass.
    Kan-Opener H-Spec is the 9th robot out of the robots built by Team Kan-Opener from Northamptonshire. It was built in addition to G-Spec so one would serve as a competition machine at events and the other would serve as a friendly fight only machine. After Team Kan-Opener retired from doing combat robots near mid 2012, both Kan-Opener H & G-Spec where sold to Team Bud with H-Spec being under possession of Shane Swan. However, Team Bud split up in 2013 and Shane decided to sell H-Spec once more to Mario of Team RCC in 2013. Kan-Opener H-Spec has a very powerful hydraulic system powering the claws, the same idea comes from the jaws of life used by rescue services for cutting people out of wreckage in road traffic accidents and the jaws are also interchangeable.