• Chompalot

    � Weight: 100kg
    � Height: 70cm
    � Length: 160cm
    � Width: 60cm
    � Speed: 8mph
    � Year built: 2002
    � Status: Active
    � Weight class: Heavyweight
    � Location: Sinfin, Derby, England
    Steel chassis with polycarbonate armour decorated in holographic wrapping paper
    2 x Electric motors
    Front hydraulic jaws with 1 tonne of crush on the tip used for grabbing opponents and pitting them, rear end also houses a ramming spike. Jaws are also connected to self-righting wings.
    It has a srimech and is also fast and agile.
    Has a poor choice of armour making is susceptible to spinners.
    Team Cookie Monsters
    Simon Cook, Debs Cook & James Cook.
    Chompalot was a robot built for Robot Wars originally in 2001, it failed to qualify for the fifth wars losing its qualifier to Spirit of Knightmare but qualified for Series 6 where it unfortunately lost the first round of its heat. However Chompalot did have success in the Iron Maidens championship defeating favourites Behemoth and Pussycat on the way to victory. Chompalot has been a favourite at some of the live events and it may not have the best defence, but is really pretty with its wrapping paper armour making it a flamboyant looking machine.

    • Robot Wars Extreme 2 - Iron Maidens Champion (2002)
    • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2004 Finalist (Roaming Robots Winter Tour)
    • Robots of Destruction 2005 Champion
    • 3rd in Robots of Destruction 2006
    • Roaming Robots Winter Tour 2008 Finalist