• Bullfrog

    � Weight: 99kg
    � Height: 20cm
    � Length: 150cm
    � Width: 100cm
    � Speed: 12mph
    � Year built: 2008
    � Status: Active
    � Weight class: Heavyweight
    � Location: Hoogvliet, The Netherlands

    Hardox bodyshell
    2 x Iskra motors running on 1.2 kw, also powered by 3 x Mh batteries running on 36v
    Flipper running on full-pressure pneumatics
    Has strong armour and the ability to run inverted
    Can only use its flipper the right way up
    Team RCC
    Leo van Miert, Mario de Jongh, Babeth van Son, Niels Schotten & Rick Mass
    Bullfrog (Originally called Bullfrog Breed) was originally built in 2008 by Tony Fowler from Harwich, England. The first incarnation of it fought in 2008 and only lasted 15 seconds against Thor. Later a new version was built by email for the 2011 UK Championships by Dutch and English teams but this version lost the first round. Later, Tony retired from doing robots and sold his creation to Team RCC who compete with it today in the way it is now. It has since had its pneumatics and drive upgraded.