• Barbaric Response

      � Weight: 99kg
      � Height: 47cm
      � Length: 80cm
      � Width: 98cm
      � Speed: 20mph
      � Year built: 2002
      � Status: Active
      � Weight class: Heavyweight
      � Location: Horsham, West Sussex, England

      Titanium, Aluminium & Polycarbonate
      2 x Bosch Motors running on 750 watts. One for each wheel.
      Full-body flipper with a punch ram run on pneumatics.
      Is small, agile and manoeuvrable combined with a very wide and effective flipper
      Self-righting is often very poor unless it lands on the right area when flipped.
      Team Barbaric
      Zac Barber, Damien Barber, Bruce Barber & Hannah Barber
      Barbaric Response is a robot from West Sussex built in 2002 where it entered Robot Wars series 6 from then on. It didn't have much luck in the UK Championships but it did however reach the Tag Team Terror final in Robot Wars Extreme 2 where they finished runners-up to Bulldog Breed and Robochicken. Barbaric Response has competed in a few events in the UK today as well after being retired for many years. Back after retirement at Burgess-hill 2008, it stunned everyone, beating Bigger Brother and Kronic on its way to the final where it was beaten by Iron-Awe 5. However, at the next event at Reading, it reached the final again and got vengeance on Iron-Awe 5 and beat them again a year later in Burgess Hill 2009 to become champions. Barbaric Response has definitely enjoyed a lot more success in the live events today after also finishing as semi-finalist in the FRA UK Championships 2009. The flipper is an awesome weapon in action against other robots.

      • Robot Wars Extreme 2 (2002) - Tag Team Terror Runners-Up (With Hydra)
      • Robot Rumble 2004 Runner-Up
      • Robots Live! - Burgess-Hill 2008 Runner-Up
      • Robots Live! - Reading 2008 Winner
      • Robots Live! - Burgess-Hill 2009 Winner
      • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2009 Semi-Finalist