• Anger

      • Weight: 100kg
      • Height: Unknown
      • Length: Unknown
      • Width: Unknown
      • Speed: 10mph
      • Year built: 2010
      • Status: Retired
      • Weight class: Heavyweight
      • Location: Antrim, Northern Ireland

      Body shell is made of Polypropylene, wheels contain car wheel hubsPower
      2 x 750w Bosch Motors
      Front wedge used for shunting other opponents.
      Armour is absorbent to axe and hammer attacks
      Wheels are very big and exposed leaving them vulnerable to attack. Has also got a big ground clearance
      Team Die Gracefully Robotics
      Dave Lawrie & Gemma Lawrie
      Anger is a robot built in 2010, it entered the Heavyweight UK Championships 2010 where it only fought in its first two qualifying rounds losing to Big Nipper at Barnsley and Ripper at Whitwick. The robot is designed in a way so that it can run either way up and also provides entertainment as everybody usually loves an underdog!