• 13 Black

      � Weight: 100kg
      � Height: 39cm
      � Length: 185cm
      � Width: 75cm
      � Speed: 20mph
      � Year built: 2001
      � Status: Retired
      � Weight class: Heavyweight
      � Location: Hinckley, Leicestershire, England

      High grade chrome-moly steel, with polycarbonate sides
      2 x 750 watt Bosch motors, one powering each wheel.
      2 x 750mm Spinning discs, each disc has an estimated speed on the blade tip of 100mph. Both discs are located on the front and rear of the machine so it can attack in any direction.
      Fast, manoeuvrable and the dual spinning disc combination is very dangerous.
      Self-righter often has issues and the radio control is often unreliable.
      Team 13 Black
      John Denny, John M Denny, Cath Denny & Tasha Denny
      13 Black is a robot from Leicestershire which was built for Series 5 of Robot Wars where it fell in the heats on a judges decision to Corkscrew. It was later re-modified for 2002 the following year where it had better success, causing a lot of carnage in its heat taking out Double Trouble and the seeded Stinger before falling in the Semi-final to Firestorm. 13 Black is armed with two fast powerful spinning discs which didn't just cause destruction to whichever robots came near it, but when 13 Black was flipped. The discs were designed to get traction on the floor and make it "crab walk" around the arena which always provided a laugh for the audience!

      • Robot Wars - UK Series 6 Semi-Finalist (2002)