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  1. A place to work

    Looks like I will be banished to the garage to build my bots. Apparently having motors and cables lying on the kitchen table is not going to be acceptable to my better half .
    So I got busy on Gumtree and am clearing space in the garage. After a day's work it's still a dump but you can actually walk from one end to the other now! Which is a huge leap forward.
    I will run a spur of existing socket to a multinational i'll fit above a desk I will make. Plus upgrade the lighting (led ...
  2. The big question - what to build?

    OK so my plan is as follows:

    1 - build a powered chasis. To make sure the Transmitter and bits work and I have at least some basic competency
    2 - build a feather weight and perhaps a beetle weight as seems to be lots of events for those
    3 - compete win/lose
    4 - while not confident and not rich go to 2
    5 - Build a a heavy weight and win robot wars

    Doing 1 through 3 will do me just fine for now.

    I think the basic shape will be a wedge ...
  3. Awaiting my ESC before the fun begins

    So I popped into my local Argos (ordered online to get some cashback via my bank) - I do like to save the pennies

    Bought I splashed out on the £25.99 14.4V model instead as they had no 12V in stock. I know big spender lol

    Anyway now I am stuck waiting for my ESC coming from Robotshop. Seems it shipped form France and is stopping at every postoffice in between there and Scotland.

    What I may be able to do this weekend is clear out the garage and make some ...
  4. So it begins....

    So if you saw my hello message you know I am new to this by which I mean "Roboteering"

    I decided about a month ago I was going to finally make a stab at building a robot and at the same time I saw the Haynes manual. If I believed in fate I would say that's what it was, but that's not very scientific and what's more likely is; I was looking forward to the new series, day dreaming and of course its perfect timing to launch a book. So after reading the manual in an evening ...
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