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  1. I shall start a blog

    I wasnt ready for the new series of Robotwars, Its not an excuse, i just lacked time, there is a new generation of builders that can spend their time on building these machines, testing is the key, going to live events can be the difference to getting a reliable robot. I built Push to Exit in a very short time and its first fights were on the show, it had potential but in all honesty i should have put more time into it....saying that we put a lot of time into our first robots on the origional series ...
  2. I shall start a blog

    Starting a blog, never done one. so I shall start one and come back to post from time to time. who reads this...god knows.
    Robotwars has been and where to from here, King of Bots, it doesnt suit me doing that flying to and fro china i am simply too busy.
    Live events, well that certainly is an option still but again my life seems to be filled with work and enjoying my family life, why would i change that.
    I still have push to exit half built with all the bits ...
  3. Good things come to those who wait

    I hope that's true!
    The armour/chassis for EKW has taken a while to organise. Unfortunately I am away for work this week, so no chance to put it together even if the parts arrive. Promise to get it built at first opportunity.

    I am also working hard preparing a design for a featherweight. Today I went to the 20th anniversary of RobotWars Scotland get meet up in Edinburgh. Got a lot of helpful info.
    Everyone is so willing to share thoughts and experience. Which is really ...
  4. Merry Christmas and Roboting New Year

    There was a theme to my Christmas presents this year, you couldn't guess?

    A bench drill and vice
    A Dremel 3000
    Even a robot themed notebook and pen
    The wife even got me thermals so I am warmer in garage

    I also got a Maplin and had an Argos voucher from my birthday
    The Maplin voucher I spent a few pounds on more accessories for the Dremel
    The Argos voucher I am putting towards a Dremel Versatip

    All I need is some parts to arrive ...
  5. Too many choices!

    I have been reading Ant threads recently.

    There are too many choices. There are so many cool ants out there and they look cheap to make. They are definitely on my to do list. But I have to keep focused and finish a Beetle and a Feather as I originally planned.

    I am ironing out the issues I had discovered in rendering the Beetle "Evil K'Weevil" in CAD. Initial design was over weight, with the original shape the surface area (so armour required) was too large, ...
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