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  • teamshock's Avatar
    Today, 16:34
    All items which have been claimed were posted today. The gearboxes, ant discs and claws are still there. I also have the brushless to go with the bar listed in the first post!
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  • Spikygoat's Avatar
    Today, 13:47
    After back and forth on robots, i've decided that a combination of a change in jobs, and having other hobbies means that as much as i'd like to compete at some stage, it's just not going to happen -...
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  • PanoramicHarry's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:36
    4 Wheel Drive Antweight Pusher robot, based on "Don't Worry Sweetie, I Krump With You" which came third at a previous event. Equipped with drive system, LiPo battery and a DSM2 receiver. Message...
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  • Zenith's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:50
    Awaiting the airing of WeeWoo's last battle at Bugglebots Season 2 this coming Monday, here's a tutorial I shot today on how to bend HDPE. Thought it'd be useful for those starting out. Enjoy! ...
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  • Ocracoke's Avatar
    Yesterday, 00:21
    Hahaha! :D No. The weight would have been too much. It is 1.5mm polycarbonate which isn't too bad, Ikari has that on the front and generally does OK with that. Thanks! I think the only...
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  • sean retro's Avatar
    23rd January 2020, 22:15
    sean retro replied to a thread BOB FW Series in Build Diaries
    Well BOB 4 slowly getting there but might have to go in weaponless to save a bit of time and out of fear of breaking my drill press. Just need to finish the rest of the body and the insides for the...
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  • James Williams's Avatar
    23rd January 2020, 19:44
    1. Yay, I made the intro!! 2. I'm pretty confident a Roses tub will be more resilient than my yoghurt pot. Did you keep one of your 4mm poly panels for your front panel? If so I imagine you'll be...
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  • Ocracoke's Avatar
    23rd January 2020, 18:34
    Lafiel Well after some weight saving nightmares, I reverted to type and used a sweets tub (Cadbury Roses this time) to build the shell out of for this one. I have some reservations as to how strong...
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  • DANMAN195's Avatar
    22nd January 2020, 18:07
    Pm sent on facebook
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  • teamshock's Avatar
    22nd January 2020, 17:09
    Update time Feather spinner setup, ant and 1 single tooth ti disc are sold. Other ti discs are provisionally. Prices: Also found a couple more of the twin tooth steel ant discs- 7 in total...
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  • PanoramicHarry's Avatar
    22nd January 2020, 07:13
    Argos drill motors SOLD.
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  • team death's Avatar
    21st January 2020, 17:30
    I think a speedy activate time after putting in the link is crucial Lucy, I'm pretty sure those brushless fan motors are power hungry and there were 4 fans whizzing away. I know Theo has been...
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  • Ocracoke's Avatar
    21st January 2020, 16:27
    I didn't think the fans on the Cytron 60A were drawing that much power? Then again, when I put mine in with the Featherweights, that battle started relatively quickly from loading as I seem to recall.
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  • team death's Avatar
    21st January 2020, 16:12
    Thank's Adam To be honest the Mean Machine did not show a lot of running and ramming last year- I don't think it helped that the Organisers gabbed for 10 mins while the fans on 2 ecu's ...
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  • LimitingFactor's Avatar
    21st January 2020, 08:43
    The DasMikro & Nano Two ESC have now been sold, the Lemon RX is still available. Thanks, Andrew
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  • Redirect Left's Avatar
    21st January 2020, 06:36
    It's been a while since Mean Machine has been in that many pieces! Hopefully for Grantham this year, it'll show up and do some damage other than running and ramming!
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  • Draper's Avatar
    21st January 2020, 01:05
    PM sent
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  • EventorizonIan's Avatar
    20th January 2020, 19:31
    Hi Folks, Signups are now live for the first round of the new Sportsman Beetleweight, Antweight and Bodgebot competition. The first of 5 rounds this year is on Saturday 22nd February. This is a...
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  • teamshock's Avatar
    20th January 2020, 17:35
    Hi all, Got a few things for sale. Please PM any offers here or on facebook/ discord Featherweight pneumatic setup- SOLD 63mm bore, 90mm stroke ram 3/2 valve Prv Dump valve Fittings and...
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  • PanoramicHarry's Avatar
    20th January 2020, 02:36
    Selling a few motors that I will have no use for future projects. SOLD - 12v Argos Drill motors. Secondly, some 25mm 12v 600rpm motors. Similar to the standard 1000rpm ones used in most...
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  • team death's Avatar
    19th January 2020, 17:20
    De ja vu My Three feathers are ready for Robodojo next week so I thought I would start work on the Mean Machine instead of keep putting it off because it seems like way too much Trouble. ...
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