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Thread: Dutch Robot Wars

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    wanna watch Bear Grylls doesn't come across it :P wish i could afford to travel around the world competing. need a robot first. progress is slow though. waiting on a custom controller, mainly down to the costs of off the shelf controllers. but im assured its more than half way there so shouldn't be too long. its all in CAD and ready to start. and a quick question while im at it. the Sabertooth Dual 5A Motor Controller, anyone know the frequency of the pulse width modulation? (sorry if that doesn't make sense, it isn't my question and i may have worded it wrong)

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    The Land of Roundabouts
    It's switched at 32kHz to make it out of the audible range of hearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daliad100
    It's switched at 32kHz to make it out of the audible range of hearing.
    cheers for that dude. i saw Sabertooth's transistors are switched at ultrasonic speeds (32kHz) for silent operation. i guessed it would be that, im having a fet bridge made up for it so i can run the motors i want to off of that controller. id rather buy a cheap tried and tested controller than wait ages for the software to be written. i guess (not knowing anything electronics) that months of writing go into something like that. i was also told this by the person thats doing my fet bridge. although hes going to give his own a go once ive got my bridge up and running. but i cant expect that to me completed any time soon. he just enjoys the challenge.

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