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Thread: Robodojo Featherweight Event Sunday May 12th

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    Looking forward to another visit! Hopefully Wedgeley will be a bit less pants this time.

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    Team Kaizen

    I might be able to finally attend one of these, how does one pay for this? I didn't see a means to do so on the form.
    Team Kaizen - Build Diary for all the robots

    AW: Amai, Ikari, Lafiel, Osu, Ramu
    BW: Shu!, The Honey Badger
    FW: Azriel
    MW: Jibril, Kaizen

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    Last time we just got an email with Paypal details shortly afterwards. I haven't heard anything so far, I assume they're waiting until it's full or something.

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    These Featherweight events have been very popular, I think it's because of the one on one battles
    rather than all in the Arena at once.
    I'm sure Ian and Alex are on the ball but just to be sure I will send a reminder on Facebook
    about e mails and paypal to Ian.

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