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Thread: [MW] Sentinel Chassis Complete

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    Hello Roboteers!

    I want to focus on my Heavyweight Projects so I´m selling the
    Driving Chassis of my Middleweight Sentinel.

    Technical Aspects
    - Chassis 3mm stainlees Steel
    - Front Wegde 4mm of Hardox 450, Connector Plate 3mm Stainless
    - Top Cover 10mm Makrolon
    - 2 x Ampflow E30-150 with Gearboxes
    - Every Motor´s got a 80A Mini ANL Fuse
    - Shock Mounted Mainboard for you Components
    - Incl. Red Indicator LEDS
    - Incl. Air Fan for cooling on Mainboard
    - Incl. 3 Removeable Links ( Original 1 for Driving, 1 for Weapon Motor, 1 for Weapon Lifting)
    - Care Package with Silent Blocks, Screws etc
    - New Paint in Black/Gold

    Front Wedge is now reinforced and use some Heavy Duty Silent Blocks!
    Total weight with Weapon was abput 45KG. Without Weapon it should be on about 35. So you have still Weight Left!
    Drives fantastic. A lot of Fun to Drive.

    Link to my FB Side with Building Pics of Sentinel

    You just need Radio, Batteries and your own ESC.

    Price: 690€ Total. Everything was just in 1 Event

    Extra Options:

    If you dont have your own ESC. You can buy the Ragebridge 2 which was used in the Robot. I can install it for you
    and rewire everything.

    Price: Just 150€ Extra

    If you want to use a Top Mounted Weapon Like Sentinel did, Mountings are still on the Chassis.
    Also you can buy following for an easy Job:
    - Weapons Mount (will cut it of the old weapon, you can see it in red circle on the Pic.)
    - 2 Linear Actuators ( 1 x 750Nm 1 x 1500Nm )
    - ESC for Actuatos
    - Small Parts Like Pins, Screws etc.

    Price: Just 75€ Extra for all.

    World wide shipping on your costs

    You can pick it up in Austria or Germany if you want to meet. No Problem.
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    If the buyer wants to get involved in UK MW events, theres a Discord for MW builders only where they discuss builds and events.

    May be useful for anyone seriously looking to get involved in the class
    My 3 loves - Rugby, Racing, and Robotics.

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