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Thread: Loughborough Robot Riot on the 24th March - Beetleweight Event

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    Hi All,

    Loughborough Fighting Robot Society, of which I am chair, is hosting a beetleweight event on 24th March in Loughborough Students Union.

    We are using David Weston's Arena (Many thanks to him for his help)

    Details of the competition are dependent upon the number of bots we have sign-up, but is looking to be a league of some sort

    Sign-up Link:

    If your interested in coming there is a Facebook event at:

    Current timings are as follows:
    11:00 competition start - arrive from 9:30

    19:00 end of event - may be earlier depending upon number of fights we end up with.

    21:00 venue must be cleared.

    I realise this is late notice and clashes with BBB's Antweight event, but I really hope that we can get a good turnout, as we are looking to run events every two to three months where possible.

    If you having any questions please do send us a message either via email:
    On our Facebook page:
    Or our Instagram: fightingrobotsoc_lboro

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Best Wishes,

    Ed Hodges
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