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Thread: new- need some halp with 60kg robot

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    mybe you can hlap me with my build.
    I'm building a 60kg or so robot, it need to do 25 mph ( 40kmh) or a bit less (peak), for 2.5 miles ( 4 km ).
    Im confused
    wich motor will be suitable ( 4wd- 2 motors ), 500w\1000w\3000w ?
    how many batteries for 2.5 miles ?
    the esc,bms and so, will be determined later on.

    plz any dirctions will be Very appreciated

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    Whats your budget?

    The motors i use in some of my robots will easily do 25mph but will cost you quite alot, similarly for battery size your best off using a calculator.

    Theres quite a good one for that at
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    5000$ or so
    including shiping, texs, etc
    I think that i will not import motors and batteries, cuz customs is not very nice hare...limit is 250w ( carazy e bike kids ), i can import for machines...
    have seen korkinet motor 1500w 48v-60v? for 410 $... alot, and smost likely chinese
    any recommendations?

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