So the trio went to BotFest. Since I was the one running the event, I had a friend drive the three of them in the fights. I mentioned this previously but I had decided before this event that this would be Osu's last stint in a major competition because I don't really want to lose the robot to a spinner and it is at least recognisable.Osu did as you might expect although it generally did OK, it didn't really fail in any way, just was very ineffective. Still, it went through the event with mishap.

faced a horizontal spinner (I think this might have been Stolen Concept) and was consequently blown apart again. I am pleased to say that it wasn't the shell so much this time, that stayed together but the way it was fixed into the robot via small blocks of pine wood split. The problem with Ikari was the lack of control. This was likely a damaged ESC from Ant Freeze 6 which I simply didn't have time to sort out so consequently, could only move in circles. This was meant to have been a spinner and I want another crack at building one, so I might spend some time later in the year rebuilding this one.

Amai continues to be the proverbial star of this little trio, it won a single fight in the event (I can't recall who this was with at the moment) but lost quite a few, especially in the 2v2 side competition of the event. The slab sided nature of this robot means that it got itself beached on its side and back a few times. Given it is hideously underweight by 35g or so, I might transfer the servo from Ikari to Amai to make a lifter and gain a self righting capability.

So Osu 3.0 and Ikari 3.0 is something I'll work on when I get time over the spring/summer. Osu will probably still be a pusherbot but Ikari will definitely be a spinner again, I have a new 70W motor to replace the damaged 60W one from the original incarnation.

I took Jibril to show off at BotFest as well. Got a nice reaction despite the obviously unfinished state it is in. This week it is purely this robot I am focusing on because I am not letting months of hard work aiming for RL Burgess Hill to miss the event when it is so close. A new issue cropped up in that the temporary front panel is set just a little bit too far back so the rear panel isn't sitting flush on the box section steel but that is a simple adjustment of the 4 bolt holes in the polycarbonate to make it sit a little further forwards.

A test drive finally took place and I am pleased to report that Jibril will move as least as fast as Kaizen did and that was pretty fast comparatively compared to the other Middleweights at the championships last year. I've not driven it at full power owing to a issue with wheelspinning but at this stage, I am simply glad it moves. Using it in the arena will help with traction as the wheel flattens out.