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Thread: Robodojo Christmas social 16th Decenber

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    Ian Botwright
    Crackers n Smash HW, Ysabel BW, Binky FW, Mattock FW
    Ripon, North Yorks
    Our Christmas social Sunday 16th December 12pm to 4pm, KB Technologies LS25 6NS
    The Ant arena will be available for whiteboards and Beetle testing.
    Lots of fun and games for Feathers and Beetles (no combat) including Football, Cracker pulling, and obstacle races.
    Donation of £5 please for buffet on the day.
    Please drop me an email or message @robodojouk on Facebook if you intend to come so I have a rough idea of how many to cater for and gate code if you don't know it.

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    Team Death gets its first round win since 1998 and its first Overall
    Win since Ever !

    Thankyou to Ian,Alex and the team for great end to Robotic year.
    We played football and mainly Alex managed to secure a victory with
    Two wins and l was lucky enough to be on his side and my robot
    Chimeras Revenge had to be substituted due to a burnt out motor.

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