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Thread: First Build - Featherweight Bar Spinner

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    I managed to finish cutting out the two bulkheads.

    Thats the thickest piece of ally I’ll need to cut for this build so glad the blade held up!

    i also got myself an angle grinder to clean up the edges. I am really pleasantly surprised at how well the flap disks sand it down.

    next up is the long horizontal bars which will weld to the bulkheads. Four of them at 3/8” so gotta keep up the momentum!

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    Jamie McHarg
    Drumroll II, Carcinus, Onyx & Coyote
    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Flap discs are my favourite angle grinder accessory, don't know how I lived without them previously

    If you don't already wear a dust mask when using one, I'd advise on one. Used a flap disc to remove a sizeable amount of aluminium from a pulley once, in the absence of a lathe. Didn't wear a mask and felt quite unwell afterwards. It didn't amount to anything thankfully but I always wear a mask now whenever I'm using the grinder; can't be great inhaling fine metal particles!
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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