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Thread: Robodojo programme of events September 2018 to March 2019

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    Ian Botwright
    Crackers n Smash HW, Ysabel BW, Binky FW, Mattock FW
    Ripon, North Yorks
    Beetleweights are welcome at the November Event but it is primarily for Featherweights. The next dedicated BW event is Sunday 17th February. The intention was to hold a BW tournament in October but unfortunately that has not been possible. We hoped folk wouldn't mind too much as the BW Euros are in a couple of weeks time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Triceratop View Post
    Hello Ian,
    There seems to be some conflicting event dates.
    Your earlier message say's 20th Oct for AW and 21st for BW. However your last message states 21st Oct for AW's with no revised date for BW's - Can you please confirm the next BW event please?

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    Thanks for the clarification Ian

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