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Thread: Featherweight build

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    I'm running 28-26 2000kv motors on 4s using 100mm wheels and argos gearboxes. Nice, light and cheap. Speed is pretty good too.

    Other Hobbyking ESCs can theoretically be hacked with Simonk firmware. I'm going to have a go on a 100a esc first with SimonK then with the brushed code to see how it turns out.

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    I've got a compiled list of what I plan on using, if you guys could go through and give me opinions that would be great.

    4x DeWut drill motors

    2x Ragebridge2

    4x 4" Colson wheels

    Zippy Compact 5000mAh 6s 60c

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    Wanna Choppa (Axe FW) Short Circuit (HW RWs6) Locking Wheel Nuts (AW) DELLapidated bANTtery (AW) Lo
    Eastleigh, Hampshire
    I would have thought the Ragebridge were OTT for a feathweight, and a 3.3 amp battery easily handles the 3 minute battles.

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