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Thread: FW electric crusher build

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    Wanna Choppa (Axe FW) Short Circuit (HW RWs6) Locking Wheel Nuts (AW) DELLapidated bANTtery (AW) Lo
    Eastleigh, Hampshire
    You could prob loose 'some' weight by using 2wd and a belt between drives. saves weight on motor gearbox (but gains on belt and pulleys?

    also you wouldn't need those large plates to hold the motors in place, something like these will do: (shameless plug - i do sell some)
    also the plastic casing around the linac could be striped back a bit. i have a couple of those actuators and although i haven't striped mine, they do look as if they can be.

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    full new robot.pngfull robot inside.png

    Update on the CAD. I have created a final design that clocks in 1kg under the weight limit including batteries and ESC's. Hopfully all the fasteners will be less than 1kg.

    The frame will be assembled primarily using barrel nuts with some standard nuts and screws as well.

    The motors are 15.6v drill motors and I plan to run them on 4s lipo for testing with the option of overvolting them to 7s later. For the 24v actuator i'm unsure if i should use 6s or 7s currently.

    For ESC I was going to use two of the feather two controllers as I think 5s lipo may be too much for the dual version to handle.

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    Work has been started on the build. The base has been cut from 6mm hdpe using a hacksaw. The holes were done with a pillar drill allowing for the counter sink bolts to sit flush on the bottom.
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    The back plate made from 15mm hdpe has also been made, this plastic was ordered to the correct height so only had to be cut to length, which was done with a chop saw. The holes for the barrel nuts were done with a pillar drill with the marking and measuring done on tape.

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    Two parts joined together.

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    Side guards have been cut and attached to the base again using barrel nuts.

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    The mounts for the motor on one side and the central weapon mount have been cut (holes for the motor will be cut later). They have been secured to the base and the back plate.

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    I made a mistake.... The weapon mount was cut to the correct length for the part forgetting that it needed to be cut longer to allow two parts to be made. This means the material I have is 50mm to short.

    More plastic has been ordered....

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    The central weapon mounts were finished with the new plastic and work was done on the motor mounts. These were cut using a dremel with a circle cutting attachment.

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    Then wheels where also cut from hdpe using the same dremel attachment and had bike tyre screwed into them. Since the wheel had to be a certain height and it's difficult to accurately measure the rubber tire tread I first did a teat wheel from wood.


    To attach the wheels to the motor shaft I used nut plates used on furniture legs, I had to drill out the metric thread and tap in the correct imperial thread for the drill motor shaft however.


    Finally the motors and wheels were put into the mounts and placed in the robot.


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