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Thread: Garage clearout - HW parts.

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    Gentlemen, and indeed ladies.
    I need to get rid of a load of stuff from in my garage and that includes a part built HW.
    With my motorsport project and other things taking priority ive not had any time to work on this for well over a year so its time for me to admit it wont happen and the parts will be better off with someone else who has the time.
    I would like to sell in one lot but appreciate that it would cost a fair bit so may seperate some parts.
    I wont get time to be posting loads of items but may do some at your own expense so its mostly by collection.
    Ill be open to offers on more costly items
    Ill try and upload some pics but as a list....

    MegaWotty from Storm2 - used ***SOLD***

    2No 750w Movimotors - unused ***SOLD***

    250 stroke 10bar gas ram with bespoke cut rack and pinion - used***UNDER OFFER***

    2No cast wheels with bearings and Vulkaron tyres 150mm od 25mm shaft id 50mm w - unused

    2No 2kg screw tap fire extinguishers with dip tubes - reconditioned but will need retesting ***SOLD***
    1No Victor sr210 co2 regulator - ***SOLD***
    1No Victor sr211 co2 regulator - ***SOLD***
    5ltr buffer tank (old powder extinguisher bottle) modified with extra outlet - requires welding finishing
    1No 2 way 2 position DC Solenoid Valve BSP Water Air Oil Normally Closed 12V/110V 1/2" 10bar
    1No Solenoid Valve Water Air Normally Open 1"BSP DC12V 10bar
    2No DC 12V 1/2BSP Solenoid Water air Valve Normally Open 12V 24V 110V 220V 2W-160-15 10bar

    8mm floorpan max dims 1.2mx1m
    Lots of 12mm offcuts - see pile in photo

    2014t6 Alloy bulkheads max dims 700x130x10mm

    Also various bits of pipe and connectors of various sizes.IMAG2099.jpgIMAG2092.jpgIMAG2093.jpgIMAG2094.jpgIMAG2095.jpgIMAG2096.jpgIMAG2097.jpg
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    have pm'd you
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